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There is quite a lot going on right now in the world.  Even if you are like me and try not to let the disturbing news affect you, some days it can be tough. I try to keep updated with a general overview of world events but other days, I have to shut it off. This essay is not making light of any of these events.  It is about my choice to live mindful and with gratitude.  That is the reason that I choose to shut off what upsets my being.

Wonder how I shut it off?  I make a conscious decision to start and end my days with gratitude. When I choose to be grateful,it is easier to wrap my brain around what is going on in our world. Taking it a step further, choosing to be grateful makes my day smoother.

When you take a moment in the morning then again in the evening to be grateful, it puts things into perspective.  We realize what is important in our lives and what is not important.  When you take the time to review what you are grateful for you will usually find that what you are grateful are people, experiences and choices – not things.

Ready to start?  Follow these steps that I have found works for me. And before I forget to mention it – I’m grateful for all of you too.

  • Look at your world through grateful eyes.  A great video to watch is “A Good Day” by TedxSF.
  • Keep a journal.  Every morning I write 10 things I am grateful for in my journal.  Most days the list goes well beyond 10 things.
  • When you find yourself thinking negatively, literally give yourself a mental shrug by stopping that thought dead in it’s track with a grateful thought.  Almost like a mental shift.  This will get easier the more you do it.
  • Smile at people you pass throughout the day.  You never know how much that smile might mean to the person receiving it. Also we feel better when we smile too.
  • Right now, choose to go through your day without complaining, whining, gossiping or judging another.
  • Volunteer your time to a cause you are passionate about. Those that volunteer their time are among the happiest folks I know.

Today when you find yourself feeling stressed, annoyed, frustrated, or even angry, stop.  Just stop and take a deep breath then remember everything you are grateful for.

Love and light.



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