Try On A Minimalist Wardrobe

Can you live with a minimalist wardrobe

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Can you live with a minimalist wardrobe

Considering a minimalist wardrobe? Try one on first.

I’ve never been a clothing hoarder, fortunately, but I have seen my wardrobe grow steadily over the years and realized it was time to downsize again. I did have a minor shoe addiction at one point, but I’ve since “kicked” the habit. If you’re considering a minimalist wardrobe, just want to declutter your current collection, or are ready to abandon your entire wardrobe (not recommended – no shirt, no shoes, no service) we’ve got a few tips to help get you started. Before downsizing completely, try on a minimalist wardrobe with the tips below!

– Take some time and declutter the clothing that is damaged goods – if there’s a hole in the butt area, you can’t keep them up because they’re so stretched out, or the color has faded to a color you wouldn’t find in nature complete with bleach stains and tears – it’s time to let these guys go.
– Try our Minimalist Wardrobe challenge.
– Try it again. Trying the challenge more than once gives you a new perspective.

– Go a month and wear your clothing as usual. At the end of the month toss any clothing still sitting in your dresser or closet.
– Try living out of a suitcase for a week to a month. Just a regular size suitcase that won’t cost you a fortune if you had to check it on the plane. Those things are certainly becoming costly!
– If you’re really feeling brave, try living out of a carry-on bag for a week to a month. If you can successfully pull this one off, you can thank me later because you will never have to check a bag again!

Now, with all of that out of the way, let me usher you into the dressing room so you can try on your new minimalist wardrobe.

If you need help deciding what to declutter or how to go about doing so, consider reading these past posts: Downsizing Your Wardrobe or How To Start Your Minimalist Wardrobe.



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