Tour of Aly’s House

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After several requests, I have finally gotten around to getting this post up. I currently live in an 1100 sq ft home with garage (although, the garage is pretty much just a place for me to paint. Fortunately I’ve kept it empty). It is a 3bd 2ba home with an open living/dining area and a galley kitchen.

I am certainly not a photographer, but hopefully these photos give you a good idea of my home. I LOVE color, but I do keep decor and debris to a minimum throughout – this works because I’m not a big fan of cleaning 🙂


Welcome! Scroll down to view photos of my home. 🙂 The master bedroom and master bathroom are currently under construction as we install new floors (the carpet was ripped out). I will be adding those photos in at a later date, once the room is completed.

Living room: Jackson decided to join me for the tour temporarily. I refer to this affectionately as my eclectic room.


Dining room: I do have a larger table for entertaining, and it does get used frequently. The table is kept clear of debris and is not a landing pad for items when we walk in the door.


Kitchen: Kitchen items are kept off the counter, cleaning products are under the sink, no microwave, and appliances are stored when not in use.


Hallway: To the left is the guest room, straight ahead is the office, and to the right is a bathroom.get-attachment

Bedroom 1 (Guest bedroom/Denise’s room): This is a smaller space, so furniture is kept to the bare minimum. The “nightstand” pictured opens up to form a desk with a single cabinet for clothing, towels, etc. but is mostly empty.


Bathroom 1: The only frills here is on the shower curtain. Counter is kept clear from clutter, the back of the toilet is empty, and the room is minimally decorated by choice.


Office/Sewing Room: The most “cluttered” room in my home is my sewing room. This is where I house my inventory and supplies for my online store.

get-attachment (2)


I definitely do not fall short when it comes to color in my home, but that’s alright. I did not do a thorough cleaning before taking these pictures just a quick tidy up, I wanted to show you the space as is and not give a false impression. So what you see is what you get – there are a few areas where I am still improving, but that just goes to show it’s a continual journey for all of us.



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