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Eliminate the need to “keep up” thru a life of minimalism

We all know the sayings, there’s always someone to keep up with. And I’m sure we’re all aware of the consequences from keeping up with such-and-such. That $400 car payment, $300 credit card payment, $1000 mortgage payment, etc. is plenty proof of the consequences. Next thing you know you’re spending…

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How to Simplify Life: The First Step into Minimalism

The Why: I discovered I have too much “stuff”. I discovered I’m not living the way someone “should” to be happy. I place these items in “” as these vary from person to person. There are no set rules on how someone should behave, should live, and what items can…

A Mother/Daughter Journey Into Minimalism

Turns out my interest in cleaning up my life and finding happiness appealed to not just me, but to my mother as well. She too has decided to dive into a life of minimalism. Together, we’ve decided to set a few milestones. Milestone one: Clean up and de-clutter our homes….

Minimalism Definition. A Few Thoughts.

Many of us have jumped on board of one fad or another. The term “hipster” was coined for those who seem to be looped in with some of the more common fads flowing today. These fads circulate the globe, starting in one location and ultimately ending in another as much…

finding happiness by choosing to be happy

Finding Happiness by Choosing to be Happy

Finding Happiness by Choosing to be Happy Happiness is a choice. Too often people seek happiness in sources that can only provide empty happiness or temporary happiness. That momentary moment of bliss is shortly replaced by the lonely or sad feelings that existed beforehand. I am no stranger to these…

Minimalism Isn’t Just For Unattached People

Contrary to what you may believe or have heard, a life of minimalism isn’t just for those who are unattached. Often times when you hear about minimalism you think of the unattached person with less than a hundred belongings traveling the world. A nomad. Although for some choosing a life…

Minimalist Blog: Introduction

Welcome – To those who just “stumbled” onto this page, or for those who targeted and landed where they had planned, We bid you “Hello.” Minimalism Is Simple (or MIS) is a blog started by a mother-daughter team. You can read more about us in the “About Us” page above….