Simplify Your Home: 100 Things I Don’t Miss

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Simplify your home and life.

During the process of binging my home, I’ve come across a fair share of items that I just realistically know I don’t need. Items that are broken and I’ve held onto for one reason or another, or items that I purchased on a whim and haven’t used since. I decided to compile a list of items that I am no longer keeping. The reason behind this list is simply because I just do not use these items and do not need them.

Please note: I am not saying anything negative about these items and for anyone who may own one or more of the items below, great, if you love the item and it brings you happiness that is all that matters.

Starting in the kitchen…

100. Salad bowls.

99. A hand mixer.

98. A coffee machine/Espresso machine (I’m not a fan of coffee, so I would never own one.)

97. A toaster.

96. A Panini maker (it sat in the box, only used once.)

95. A crock pot.

94. Excess pots and pans.

93. Excess dishes.

92. Serving platter.

91. A butter dish.

90. Fine China.

Moving to the living room….

89. DVD player.

88. Game system.

87. DVD’s.

86. Stereo.

85. Surround sound.

84. Entertainment center.

83. Unused chairs.

82. The spare desk.

81. Sofa table.

80. End tables.

79. Spare bookshelves.

78. Wall decorations that do not bring me happiness or beauty.

77. Footstools.

76. Glass ornaments.

75. Burnt out candles.

Onward to the guest bedroom….

74. The spare dresser.

73. Television.

72. Books on the nightstand.

71. Excess décor.

70. The hope chest.

69. Suitcases sitting in the closet.

68. Winter clothing.

67. Telephone.

66. Alarm clock.

65. Craft supplies.

The main bedroom…

64. Decorative pillows.

63. Wall tapestry.

62. Spare MP3 player.

61. Unworn jewelry.

60. Storage bins of magazines and books.

59. Unused guitar.

58. Old photo album.

57. Clothing folded in bins because there’s no room elsewhere.

56. Extra hampers to accommodate for all the extra clothing.

55. Spare blankets.

54. Red carrying case/chest.

53. 200+ CD’s.

Home office… see how to declutter your office for help in this room.

52. Spare office supplies.

51. Software disks for items I no longer own.

50. Spare printer.

49. Empty bookshelf.

48. Bills and junk mail.

47. Copies of receipts and paper.

46. Label maker.

45. Automatic hole puncher.

44. Pencil sharpener.

The bathroom…

43. Spare shampoo and conditioner.

42. A loofa.

41. Shower radio.

40. Excess towels.

39. Burnt out candles.

38. Glass décor.

37. Bathroom organizer.

36. Behind the toilet shelf.

35. Medicine cabinet.

34. Full body mirror.

33. Hamper.

32. Excess cleaning supplies.

31. Stack of magazines.

30. Magazine rack.

The great outdoors…

29. Giant punching bag.

28. Toolshed.

27. Spare couch.

26. Excess gardening tools.

25. Welcome mat (can’t even tell it says “Welcome” anymore).

24. Bird feeder.

23. Wind chimes.

22. Tiki sticks.

21. Pink Flamingo.

20. Lawn gnome.

Miscellaneous items….

19. Name brand accessories.

18. IPod.

17. IPad.

16. I’m even downgrading my IPhone, save on my cell phone bill.

15. Credit card to big name stores.

14. Gift certificates.

13. Check book

12. Journal.

11. Air mattress.

10. Armoire

9. Calendar.

8. Treadmill.

7. Instant messenger.

6. Multiple bank accounts.

5. Photo albums.

4. Humidifier.

3. HBO/ShowTime/Etc.

2. A personal Myspace.

1. A personal Facebook.


There’s many things I still own, such as a television and a car. Items that bring me joy or items I need for everyday tasks. My goal was only to eliminate the excess, the items I do not use nor need, items that do not bring me happiness or joy, and the items that are just a time waster. Hence my long list does not include everything. 🙂 What could you eliminate?


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