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Today’s post comes from Dana F. You can read more about her journey and experiences living across sea below. You can also find her on her blog (

“My minimalist journey began a year ago after my husband and I moved to Israel.  It took us a few months to get on our feet. During that time we lived with my in-laws.  We had greatly reduced our possessions for the move and had 4 suitcases, 2 carry-ons, 2 back packs and shipped 6 boxes.  During that time we lived out of only ONE of those suitcases.  It made me think: what did we even bring?  I came across a few minimalist blogs and found this amazing community.  When we were able to get our own apartment and started to set it up, my husband got on board and we thought through every purchase, from appliances to furniture to housewares. We chose to forgo the dryer and line dry instead to save.  We strategized and only bought kitchen supplies that we actually use.  We bought most of our furniture second hand and even found pieces on the street and bonded over our DIY projects.  We got rid of half of our books (currently at 48) and half of our clothing (my entire wardrobe fits into one suitcase and a carry-on).

 During the year I was working at a Social Work intern while earning my Masters degree.  I worked with at risk teens in group home settings.  Many of these teens only had a back pack worth of possessions and often we would need to make sure they had proper attire for the weather, or shoes without holes in them.  These kids were grateful for every one of the few possessions in their lives.  I was very humbled by this experience and have a renewed appreciation for what I do have without the need to constantly acquire more.

My husband landed an amazing job a few months ago and we are facing our second cross-Atlantic move this year.  But this time we have a lot less to clean, organize, and worry about.  I started a modest blog to share my thoughts on minimalism with friends and family at  This is just the start of my minimalist journey and I am so excited to see where it takes me! A special thank you to Aly and Denise for the continued inspiration and for helping bring the community together!”

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