• IMG_0877

    Gorgeous Volcanoes in New Zealand

    The best way to wrap up my trip to New Zealand was with a bang! New Zealand has many great attractions and sights, but the volcanoes there are gorgeous and a must see for anyone planning on visiting. Although I did not visit any live volcanoes, the ones I did see were still very impressive, […]

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  • kiwi3

    Food Exploring While In New Zealand

    The one thing that I will always carry with me during my trip to New Zealand is being able to explore a large variety of food that isn’t offered in America. Due to the large amount of people from many countries that relocate to New Zealand, the food variety is plentiful. During my time in […]

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  • rocks

    Minimalist Blog: Introduction

    Welcome – To those who just “stumbled” onto this page, or for those who targeted and landed where they had planned, We bid you “Hello.” Minimalism Is Simple (or MIS) is a blog started by a mother-daughter team. You can read more about us in the “About Us” page above. This blog was started in […]

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