Living Simple As A Minimalist

Think back to the first time you did something – anything at all.  Remember how awkward it felt the first time? The more you did it, the easier and smoother it became.  That is the perfect way to describe the change to living simply as


Minimalists Are Changing The World

There is a saying I use all the time with my fitness clients and that saying is it’s one thing to talk the talk but it’s a whole different story to walk the walk.  Today this saying describes how I feel after watching a video


Decluttering Your Car

For a solid 2 years I practically lived in my car. Between going to school full time and working 60 hours a week, I was rarely home. I was fortunate at that time to work somewhere I could bring my boys (dogs) to work with

Decluttering Books

Decluttering the Bookshelves

I LOVE MY KINDLE!  I never thought I could love an inanimate object as much as I do my Kindle but I admit – I do.  Sounds silly doesn’t it for a minimalist to be in love with a thing right? Actually when you really


“I’m Tired Of Being A Minimalist…”

Do you find yourself growing tired of, bored of, or frustrated with being a minimalist? This is normal; in fact I’ve been there myself. Just last week I posted an article on the 7 Stages of Minimalists, and one of the stages was “Avoidance.” There’s


Minimalists Live A “Rich” Lifestyle

Rich.  How does that word make you feel?  Some people including many minimalists automatically feel negatively toward the word as if being rich is a bad thing and that being wealthy makes you a bad person.  Other folks are envious and strive to be rich


The 7 Stages of Minimalists

Today’s post is just for fun! Enjoy! The 7 Stages of Minimalists – which stage do you fall under? CURIOSITY – Those who fall into the CURIOSITY stage may have just discovered minimalism and the benefits of living with less. At this stage, you’re fascinated


Minimalist Lifestyle and Working From Home

The main question I always get when people find out I’m self-employed and work from home, is how was I able to make it happen.  Many dream of owning their own business but never get to the next step of actually doing it.  My journey


Minimalist Mindset: How To Change Our Mindset

It’s time for some tough love today. Too often when we’re confronted with something new, whether it is something we want to or need to embrace, we immediately toss out the excuses on why it is “easier said than done,” or we’re “just not ready.”