Minimalist Decor: Organizing Craft Rooms

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We know! We’ve been a bit scarce in updating our minimalist decor category. No worries though, today we have a new installment of the Minimalist Decor series – organizing craft rooms!!  Our Minimalist Decor series features a different room, posted once a month. Today we’re focusing on craft rooms!! Craft rooms (or even just Creative Rooms) are certainly not a necessity for the majority of households, but there are quite a few homes (such as my own) that require a creative space for business, hobby, or kids.

Let’s be honest, sewing rooms, craft rooms, creative rooms, etc. are difficult to keep from becoming cluttered – but it is possible! Below are some of our favorite organized, clutter free, simplistic, and fun creative spaces!

Living minimally, you need to think multi-purpose for items you purchase. This storage unit is the perfect multitasker and keeps things in one spot.

Who says you have to have chaos in order to inspire creativity? Actually… I think there is a quote floating around out there about this topic… Regardless! I find I thrive in a well organized space, and I just LOVE the ones below.

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Minimalist Decor: Minimalism In The Home features a series of our top favorite minimalist homes. The clean, functional, and attractive spaces offer not only a place of beauty, but also a place of relaxation. Without the clutter, the spaces can be enjoyed to the fullest. Part Fourteen: Creative Rooms features homes that went through the transformation, getting rid of the clutter, and becoming beautiful spaces.

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One of the best things about having a minimalistic home is the showroom quality year round with minimalist decor. There’s no tidying up before guests visit. There’s no worry about organizing and spring cleaning… Clean, simple, and free of clutter. Perfect to free you up for more meaningful and important things.

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