Minimalism in Life: A New Minimalist You?

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Another year has gone by and we find ourselves knocking on the door to 2013. Are you ready? Are we ever really ready? Every year as we come closer and closer to January 1 of the next year, I clean. I clean, clean, clean. Last year was the first in my journey into minimalism and do you know what? My cleaning this year as we head toward January 1, 2013 is much, much less. I have truly enjoyed my journey into minimalism. Is this the year for a new minimalist you?

This year is different for me heading into 2013. I am still cleaning today but it is taking me considerably less time than in years past. I have told you in previous posts that the first room I uncluttered in my house was the kitchen/dining/living/great room combination – one big room. This room now stays clean, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. No more do I waste hours cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing floors. Each day, it takes me about 10 minutes to dust, wipe, sweep and mop up this living space.

My attic is empty. I do not have one item in my attic. Another sticky spot that tends to clutter quickly that I don’t have is a garage. So my recommendation to you if you have decided minimalism is for you is to start with your main living area first as I did because it is immediately refreshing. Then if you can, tackle the two largest areas that tend to be a catch all for just about everything. Clearing these 3 large areas will streamline the rest of the process. If you find that tackling the garage is too overwhelming, then maybe after you have worked on your main living area, your bedroom would be the next best place to start your minimalist journey as that is another space where you spend quite a bit of time.

I am not perfect and I am still making my way through my closets but the good news? 4 of the 6 are now done. The bad news? The 2 biggest, most cluttered closets remain. My point in disclosing this to you? I am still making my way down the minimalist pathway and my journey is my journey and it is being traveled at my pace. You will find that as you make your way into minimalism and begin moving through the rooms in your house that maybe you are not meant to be the type of minimalist that keeps their possessions to 100 pieces or less. You may not be the type of minimalist that only has 2 items in a room. The key is that your journey into minimalism is your journey. Own it and don’t worry about what you think or perceive “minimalism” to be.

In the past year since I started this journey, I have shed more than 50% of the possessions that I used to think I had to have. In essence, my possessions were possessing me and possessing the space in my home and taking up not only space, but a lot of time too in maintenance and organizing. I choose to spend my time outdoors with the animals that I rescue. I choose to spend my time taking care of my health and exercising. I choose to spend my time helping others. I do not choose, nor have I ever chosen nor have I ever enjoyed cleaning. Minimalism has awarded me the time to do what I want to do and that is to give back. What will minimalism provide you?

Happy 2013!





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