How To Be A Minimalist – Moving Into A New Home

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There’s always that initial excitement when you move. You have the anticipation of being in a new place, the stress of the actual moving process, and the joy of actually being in your new home. Being a minimalist (or just living simpler) has it’s perks by helping alleviate the stress of hauling your stuff around; the less you have the less you need to move. But even we’re not immune to the excitement of a new home. If you’re getting ready to move, be careful not to fall into these traps:

  • Consider how much you want to take with you when moving, and get rid of what you don’t want to take before you move. This means if there’s an old couch or table you no longer want – get rid of it now before you begin planning for your move. If these items are still around when its time to bring in the moving truck, you’re more likely to take them with you, shrugging it off and assuming you’ll discard of it after you move. Nine times out of ten this isn’t the case, and that item you were trying to get rid of winds up in your new home for years.
  • Investing in a moving truck seems like a good idea, and it is, but the bigger the truck the more room you have to move things. For those of us downsizing, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. When we have the option available to us to bring more things, many will take advantage of it. Instead, opt for the smallest moving truck (one large enough to accommodate a bed or sofa), and make it work. You’ll be less likely to bring unnecessary items with you when you move.
  • Avoid the temptation to splurge on new decor. This is the biggest downfall we make once we move. We have a new home and so we want new things to clutter it. We spend hundreds of dollars on new curtains, bath mats, tables, chairs, etc. Now our new and clutter free home is just as cluttered as our old one, and your bank account has paid the price to do so. Only buy the absolute necessities when moving and take your time purchasing anything else; decide if you really need it.
  • Actually, when you’re preparing to move, avoid looking at stores online. The more you “virtually shop” the more you’re going to be tempted to splurge once you’ve moved.
  • If you’re renting make sure you take plenty of photos and jot down a complete list of any damages to the home. Home buyers spend $200 – $400 on a home inspection, and depending on your situation (and the amount of your security deposit), you may want to spend the money as well. A home inspection will look in every nook and cranny for you and gives you a complete list of issues with the home (a great record to have in addition to your initial inspection sheet). In the end, providing you take care of the home, you’ll have a very detailed list and will get more of your initial deposit back.

I (Aly) am in the process of moving, and I know how tempting it is to be on or right now picking out the perfect curtains and throw rugs (I’ve always had a soft spot for Target and Pier 1). But I don’t need those things, and I just keep reminding myself not to. I’ll be in my new home in April; keep an eye out for some pictures, and I’ll continue to post updates on how minimalism and moving go hand in hand. Good luck to those moving as well!

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