Minimalist Living Day to Day

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Everyday I wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed, and head out for the day… just like you. My day-to-day routine is likely no different than yours, nor is it much different than what it was just a few years ago. The biggest difference is the amount of stuff I keep in my house; I now require less items to get ready in the morning. My wardrobe, which once teetered on the edge of almost 300 items, now balances right around 75. My kitchen once had every cabinet full, but now I use only 3 cabinets, in fact one cabinet now houses an oversized bag of dog food (something I would have never been able to do before). It takes me 5 minutes to pick up around the house, and I actually have a dining room table I can use. While my belongings may have downsized, the overall quality of my life has vastly improved.

By not splurging on unnecessary items, I was able to save up enough to start my own business (and not go into debt doing so).  I don’t feel the desire to move into a larger home to house my stuff. In fact, I currently live in a 1100 sq ft home, which isn’t the 450 sq ft size you often hear about with minimalists, but I feel no desire to move into anything larger than that. I’m also not a millionaire that has the ability to go out and buy something on a whim if I realize I need something. I didn’t leave a six figure position, I still work in a corporate environment, and I didn’t downsize from a mansion. In fact, I’m a 25 year old who realized very early on that things should never rule your life. My mother, a 52 year old, is right there with me. We’re just like you.

To us, minimalist living changed our lives. It gave us the ability to save up money, go out more often, remove the value we placed on our things, and place a higher value on the people that matter most. We don’t deprive ourselves, and we have everything we need for a more meaningful life. I’m not saying we live perfect minimalist lives now, we each still have room for improvement, but that ever present weight on your chest, the “what-ifs,” the fear…. is gone. You don’t realize just how much money you’re spending day in and day out trying to “keep up with the joneses” until you stop. What’s even more exciting is knowing that the dream I had as a kid of travelling the world is actually possible. When I stopped buying the latests iPhones and iPads, I started putting money aside for more meaningful experiences. Think of it this way… would you rather tell your grandbabies the story of your iPad, or of the time you travelled to Asia?

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