Minimalist Lifestyle: Living With Someone Who Is Not A Minimalist

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Living Together

Dating A Minimalist: Your shared spaces are the trickiest areas. You may feel tempted to fill these with items to make the space feel warm and inviting, but your partner may prefer empty walls. Best advice here? Compromise. Ideas include:

  • Select just one wall for wall decorations
  • Limit knick-knacks to only one bookshelf or table
  • Everything should have a place
  • Limit pillows and other cuddly items
  • Skip the coffee table and opt for ottomans
  • Reduce surface space clutter (limit tables, clear counters, etc.)

Dating As A Minimalist: Respect your partner’s space. That said, shared space should be agreed upon – be prepared to talk things over with your partner, and keep in mind your shared areas may not be as simplified as you’d like (especially if dating someone who is definitely NOT a minimalist. My previous partner was closer to being a hoarder – this made things very difficult at times). Rest assured – it is doable with patience and communication.


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