Minimalist Food Ideas


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One thing that has gone hand in hand with living minimally – at least for me – is eating clean. This article will help you focus on minimalist food ideas and eating clean.  What is eating clean?   Eating clean means to eat your food as close to it’s natural source as possible. Taking it a step further it also means to stay far away from processed foods and just plain CRAP.

When you live minimally you only purchase what you use which makes eating clean the perfect fit. It’s better for us to eat our foods as close to their natural source as possible and to avoid processed and junk food.  Processed foods have many chemicals and additives that our bodies just don’t recognize.

Planning is key to eating clean.  How often you’ll need to shop is up to you.  For me, I only go to the grocery store every two weeks and plan my meals to that schedule.  For example, I know that bananas will not last two weeks so for the second week, I choose fruits and vegetables I know will hold up such as apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

Organic is definitely better but there are some foods that you don’t HAVE to choose organic.  If you are removing the skin as you do for a banana or coconut, it’s not necessary to choose organic. For me I prefer organic because not only is it healthier, we are supporting smaller farms.

If you eat protein, again choose organic and humanely processed meats.  If you do not eat animal protein, make sure you get your protein from another source.

To round it out, keminimalist-lifestyle-eat-healthy minimalismissimple.comep olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, pepper and any seasonings you always reach for or cook with.   We also have fresh herbs growing in our yard and are getting ready to plan this year’s garden which helps me stay out of the grocery store even longer!  In a small place?  Think containers for tomatoes, peppers, even onions and cucumbers.  Plant ONLY what you know you will eat.  This is something I learned over the years but luckily my neighbors enjoyed my extra vegetables.

I love my crockpot! That’s one thing that will also have a place in my kitchen and it might be a great tool for you.  When I cook in my crockpot, I make enough for several meals then freeze a portion to enjoy later.  Not only is it healthy, it’s easy and perfect for time crunched days.

Watch for recipes from Aly & myself to follow to help you eat healthy while living a minimalist lifestyle. If you would like to lose weight, while learning to eat clean, please visit my other site for information: How To Eat Clean




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