Minimalist Decor: Minimalism In The Home (Tiny Houses Pt. 2)

Our Minimalist Decor series will feature a different room, posted once a month. Today we’re focusing on some very unique and fun houses: Tiny Houses! We love, Love, LOVE Tiny Houses, and it seem we’re not the only ones! Our first “Tiny Houses” decor post quickly became among our top posts! Why do we love them? They’re eco friendly, quaint, and just spacious enough for you to house your most important possessions, enjoy life, and live comfortably. Got a Tiny House you love? Send it to us in an email, or post it on our Facebook wall!

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Minimalist Decor: Minimalism In The Home features a series of our top favorite minimalist homes. The clean, functional, and attractive spaces offer not only a place of beauty, but also a place of relaxation. Without the clutter, the spaces can be enjoyed to the fullest. Part Eight: Tiny Houses 2 features more beautiful and functional spaces that embody the minimalist lifestyle, yet offer comfort and relaxation. You can see our favorites below. You can also follow us on Pinterest to see more; only our top favorite homes are featured here, you may find your favorite on our Pinterest. You’ll notice not all of the spaces hold pure white walls, furniture, and decor… contrary to what many believe. Enjoy!

One of the best things about having a minimalistic home is the showroom quality year round with minimalist decor. There’s no tidying up before guests visit. There’s no worry about organizing and spring cleaning… Clean, simple, and free of clutter. Perfect to free you up for more meaningful and important things.”

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