Minimalist Cooking Challenge – Begins Today!

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Let the challenge begin!

One of the most common things we hear on a daily basis is “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” The purpose of this challenge is to help you simplify the foods you’re eating, incorporate healthier foods, and do it all while helping you minimize the tools we “think” we need in order to cook a good meal. Whew! That’s a lot. During this challenge we’ll help you not only declutter your diet, but also your kitchen, fridge, and shopping list. Are you ready? There’s still time to opt in to the challenge by clicking “Challenges” at the top of this page, or by going to

So what will you need for this challenge? In general, a well stocked kitchen will not be needed for this challenge. So if you have a new food processor or high end coffee machine you want to use for this challenge, we won’t really need this for our everyday recipes (which, by the way, we’ll be sending a new, delicious recipe out daily but only to those who have opted in to receive the challenge to their inbox) but you’re welcome to use it if you like. A good set of utensils (spatula, whisk, large spoon, knife, and tongs) plus a cutting board, 1 large pot, a skillet, and a large mixing bowl is about all you’ll need to cook with. A fresh supply of fruits, veggies, and meats will also come in handy, but we’ll elaborate more on that in our emails.

Now here comes the best part! Once you’ve completed the challenge send us your complete daily log and we’ll give you a FREE copy of the first MIS book in addition to a 15% OFF coupon you can use at our simple living shop: Pretty sweet deal, huh? We’ll post the first challenge here to kick things off, and if you opt-in by or before 10:30P EST tonight, we’ll also send you the first challenge and recipe to your inbox. After that, the recipe will be gone and we’ll move onto the next day in the challenge.

Your first challenge will be one that’ll span the length of this challenge: Try to reduce the junk food you’re consuming, or pick one “bad” item to remove from your diet for the next 30 days. I’ll be kicking candy for the next 30 days, a bad habit of mine! Think it’s not possible to cut back junk? Think again! One item riddled with sugar is a very common breakfast item: Pancakes and Waffles, which is the recipe we sent out this morning! Enjoy!

– Aly

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