Minimalism With A Large Family

how to live minimally with a large family

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Minimalism With A Large Family

When you have a large family you have all the stuff that comes with it. Many large families are now turning to minimalism to help get their family and stuff under control. What can you do when each member of your household has their own stash that engulfs their section of the house, and sometimes spills over? I’ve got six tips to help you enter minimalism with your big family.


  • Getting everyone on board with minimalism can be virtually impossible. Instead, try to introduce just a single decluttering session. Ask each member of your family to contribute to a donation bin or yard sale. You can even set a number of items for them to donate. Start small and you’ll have less resistance. Click here for help in decluttering kids rooms.
  • Explain the benefits of minimalism and why you want to introduce your family to it before you begin. Many times family member resist because they don’t understand “why?”.  how to live minimally with a large family
  • Introduce the one-in-one-out rule. Whenever someone brings something new in they must get rid of something old.
  • Ask everyone to consider donating items they have not used in over a year.
  • For younger kids, try putting items in a box in the basement or attic and only take items out of the box they specifically ask for. After 3 or 4 months items still in the box can be donated.
  • Downsize. The quickest way to get your large family on board with minimalism is by downsizing to a smaller house. Less space in your home means less stuff they can bring with them.




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