Minimalism helps eliminate the throw away mentality.

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Was chatting with my brother today and he was talking about the trouble he and his wife are having with their dishwasher. They purchased a mid-level dishwasher – not the most expensive but not the cheapest either 2 years ago from Lowes.  It has stopped working.  ONLY 2 YEARS OLD!

Get on the phone with the company who of course gives them the run around – blah, blah, warranty, blah,
blah, give you 50% off on a new one – blah, blah, blah.  I said “wait!”  50% off a new one for a dishwasher that is only 2 years old?  They should replace it for full value.

The company FINALLY sends out a repairman who FINALLY agrees to replace the bad part. Seems to be running okay. But wait! Now it’s leaking into the basement from the kitchen.

And THAT my friends is the quality of the merchandise and appliances we get to choose from. The moral of this post is to bring this issue to your attention so that the next time you plan to make a large purchase you do your research.  Choose the option that best fits your budget while being a purchase that you can use for many years.  Not just 2.

The best thing about minimalism is that you are aware of what you purchase and the reason you purchase it for.  Being aware equals smart decision making.  President Obama came on the radio station I was listening to the other day and what he said resonated with me. This is NOT a political point – I do not care how you vote. It’s a point to support our need to eliminate the throw away mentality.This is not verbatim but he said that he wishes for a world where his grandchildren are still able to swim in the ocean and to see glaciers off the coast of Alaska.  THAT STATEMENT HIT ME HARD.  He further went on to say that we are the last generation in a position to do something about climate change.

Will our grandkids be able to swim in the ocean?  If we do something about it now, we can make a change.  If we choose not to do anything about the way we are damaging the earth, I’m not so sure.

Today make the conscious decision to be aware of what you are buying.  Leaving you with this thought – together we CAN make a difference.  Ready to get started? We recommend this article Living Simple As  A Minimalist.



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