Minimalism Isn’t Just For Unattached People

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Contrary to what you may believe or have heard, a life of minimalism isn’t just for those who are unattached. Often times when you hear about minimalism you think of the unattached person with less than a hundred belongings traveling the world. A nomad. Although for some choosing a life of minimalism leads to just that, but for others minimalism is just a way to free yourself from possessions and provides you with more time to participate in what you love and what brings you happiness.

Another misconception of minimalism is the all white room. For some, minimalism conjures the image of a room with no furniture, no possessions, empty and white. Lonely. When in reality a life of minimalism is far from lonely. A minimalist’s house may be relatively empty, but that’s their choice. Minimalism does not require one to live in a sterile environment, it simply asks you to remove the unnecessary clutter from your life. It asks you to keep only the items that bring you use or happiness. An item sitting in your closet for 2 years, for instance, is bringing you neither. Instead the item is simply adding to the clutter of your life that you’re trying to clear up.

There are many misconceptions circling around minimalism. The majority of these misconceptions may be true for some, but false for most. For each person a life of minimalism will vary, but the purpose of minimalism is meant to bring anyone who applies it happiness.


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