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minimalist journey

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Seems that minimalism and tiny are the new lifestyle buzzwords. Notice how many tiny living TV shows have popped up lately on several cable channels?  Finally it seems that people are beginning to understand living minimally has several advantages.

But minimalism has different comfort levels and it’s important that you find what works for you so you stay in your minimalist comfort zone.  Going from a 3,000 square foot home to a 400 square foot tiny house this coming weekend may be a bit bone jarring for most of us.  So as you begin your minimalist journey, focus on what is comfortable for YOU.  minimalist journey

When I first started my minimal journey, I did it slowly because I had to take my husband’s opinion into consideration. Granted I’ve never been one to collect things and hang on to items just because they MIGHT be needed at some point.  My husband, however, does collect things and just looking at his desk right now makes my skin crawl. BUT that’s the way he likes it so I let him rule over his areas while keeping the rest of the house simple and clutter free.  It just feels better to me to have clear surfaces and a place for everything.

At first, we battled over the kitchen because he prefers to have every flipping appliance out on the counter tops whether we use them or not.  My stance is if it hasn’t been used, donate it.  If it does get used but not often, put it away. That takes care of 95% of our kitchen gear. The only appliances used daily are the dishwasher and the coffee pot! He has come to appreciate how the kitchen stays relatively clean with little effort by either of us. That’s a wonderful thing because it leaves us free to do other things.

We may not always agree on what to donate and what to keep but it has made life much easier all the way around – time, finances, and less stress.  The key to success is that we found middle ground that is comfortable for both of us.  If I had come in like a bull in a China shop and cleared everything out except for 100 items like strict minimalists often do, we would have been in divorce court.

So if you’re thinking about living minimally, do it at your pace and your comfort level.  Start slow.  If you like how the first stage feels to you and your family, move forward a little bit more until you find YOUR minimalist comfort zone.  A great place to start is this article: How To Begin Living A Minimalist Lifestyle.




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