Make The Holidays About Memories Not Things


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As I’m sitting in my office writing this week’s post, it dawned on me we are fast approaching the holidays.  We are only about two weeks away from Halloween!  Where in the world did this year go? Seems we just celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve and here we go again.

Since we are so close to Halloween, it seemed the perfect time to talk about the the holiday season – or the season of excess as I like to call it.  I wanted to write about this topic early this year in the hopes that maybe we can focus on what the season is about instead of what we have to BUY for the season.

Let’s look at two very different scenarios.  It’s 4:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and guess what?  Black Friday has officially started!  When did it become okay for Black Friday to start on Thanksgiving? Actually when did it become okay for the department stores, discount stores and toy stores to open on Thanksgiving at all?

Not to date myself but when I was growing up and even when we were raising our kids, the stores were never open on Thanksgiving.  Back “in the day” the stores were not open on Sunday. Sundays were days spent with the family.  I don’t know about you but I miss those days when the holidays were about families – not about things.

Let’s make a few changes as we approach the holidays this year. Let’s focus on enjoying the day with family instead of worrying about what time the stores open with specials on things you don’t really need anyway.  Seriously! How many $2 towels do you need? Let’s focus on making memories instead of buying mountains of stuff.  Let’s just enjoy the holidays. Period.




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