Living Minimally Equals Living Abundantly

How To Live An Abundant Life

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One thing that is hard for many of us to wrap our brains around is living abundantly while being a minimalist.  Living minimally and living abundantly are actually quite possible.  These two words are actually not polar opposites like you may think.

One definition for abundance is:

overflowing fullness:  abundance of the heart.

For many, when they hear the words minimalist lifestyle, they automatically think that they need to live a deprived lifestyle or to go without.  In fact the opposite may be true.  To me, living abundantly is the perfect match to living minimally as I have more than enough of what I need to live a full, satisfying life.

How To Live An Abundant Life
When you look at abundance as having everything you need to live a happy life, it takes on a whole new perspective.
You do not have to live in a mansion to live abundantly. You can live a very full, happy life in a 600 square foot house as you will have everything you need. You do not need a closet of clothes that you never wear.  You can live comfortable with clothes and shoes that you wear each week.
You don’t need to have two cars and a motorcycle in the driveway when you are a household of 2. Even if both people drive to work, there will also be a vehicle sitting unused in the garage or driveway.  It’s a matter of keeping things in perspective.
We live in a world of excess and that is where much of our warped perspective of what abundant living is derived from.  We see commercials of the latest and greatest shiny things and are tempted to run to the store and buy them.  Much of the time, we might use the shiny new toys for a few days then they are quickly put on the shelf with the other shiny toys we previously purchased.
When you take a moment to really think about what you actually NEED to live a happy, full life the answer is often based on family and friends – not on things.  And that is why I live an abundant, minimal happy life.  If you’d like to also live an abundant minimal happy life, this article will help you get started: How To Begin Living A Minimalist Lifestyle


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