Live A Minimalist Life In A Corporate World

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One of the hardest things to reconcile when you live a minimalist life while working in the corporate world is the almost seeming clash between the two.  What is the best way for your minimalist self to coexist with your corporate side?

One of the main reasons many choose a minimalist lifestyle is to get away from the excesses of the world.  Unfortunately, many corporations can be the poster child for excess.  Think of the many horrors that have come to light from the housing crash, wall street, oil companies, our government and so much more.  As I write this, the Catholic Church is getting ready to select a new pope and the amount of publicity over this event highlighting the Vatican is astounding.  The world around us is so excessive, it’s hard to determine sometimes where the outside world begins and we leave off.

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The best wardrobes are built around very few key pieces. I LOVED this book.

We can make it easier on ourselves to peacefully live in a combination world by realizing that the only person we can change is ourselves. We cannot change how the corporate world revolves but we can change how we react to it. From a purely minimalist viewpoint, the following may make it easier on your mindset while working in a corporate environment:

  • Transportation. If possible, live near to where you work. Walking and/or biking to work is best for our environment. If that is not possible, choose public transportation next followed by car pooling with 3 or 4 others to save on gasoline and auto emissions.
  • Wardrobe. You’ve probably already scaled down your working wardrobe, but often when we work in a corporate environment the focus is on looking a “certain” way. If you find yourself feeling this way, take a deep breath and realize that your clothes do not make you – you make you. Also, keeping to a color scheme such as black and white looks quite chic while keeping your work clothes to a minimum.
  • Food. We know that the best thing to do is to pack our lunch from home where we can choose from an abundance of healthy, organic options. Be sure to include snacks so that you are able to keep your sugar level stable throughout the day. This will help you avoid the temptation of the vending machine or those donuts on the conference table.

Just these few things will make it easier on you to wrap your head around your minimalist self and your corporate self. Remember minimalism is a journey and often it’s about give and take, and balance as we find our final destination. Take the time to enjoy the journey – even the trials and tribulations.


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