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Reprint of one of our most popular articles.  How to let go of STUFF!

With the Black Friday splurges over, we’re now approaching the next holidays for excess: Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. This holiday season instead of counting on the possessions you’ll be receiving, why not instead let go of what you no longer need? Isn’t the holidays about giving more than receiving anyway?

This holiday, here are a few tips you can implement to help you learn to let go… of your stuff:

  • Ask yourself the important questions. Don’t just ask “Do I want this?” or “Do I need this?” but dive a little bit deeper. When we skim the surface with our questions we’re going to give ourselves shallow answers. Instead, dig deeper. Ask yourself when the last time you used it was, if you’re holding on to it just in case, or if it’s something that has become a burden. Then decide whether or not you really need to keep it.  how to let go of your stuff minimalismissimple.com
  • Do the same for new purchases. Before making any purchase, first ask yourself if the item will add value or if it will hinder your progress. Do this for any new splurge purchase you may be contemplating.
  • Stick to your decisions. Now, more than any other time during the year, stores are hitting you full swing with seemingly good deals and fantastic prices. No matter how good a deal may seem, make sure you ask yourself the questions from the previous bullet point, and then stick with your decision.
  • Make sure you’re ready. This is the biggest problem with any big change, if you’re not prepared or ready, you won’t want to do it, and the circle will just continue. Make sure you are ready, willing, and wanting to make a change and then follow the above three steps.
  • Engage and occupy. Keep yourself active this holiday season. Engage in new activities, new hobbies, with friends, etc. Occupy yourself whenever you feel the urge to go to a store because you saw a great deal or ad on the TV, billboard, newspaper, etc.


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