How are you doing on those January resolutions?

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This was originally posted in 2015. Working to update it ūüôā Denise

It’s hard to believe that half of 2015 is behind us. ¬†Remember those January resolutions? ¬†How are you doing on those? ¬†Yuck right? Don’t worry. ¬†It’s a new day, beginning of July and still time to complete those resolutions if you really want to. ¬†After all January 2016 is about 6 months away yet.

Do you know where your resolution list is? ¬†If you do, pull it out and look at the top one. ¬†Usually we list our resolutions in order of importance to us. ¬†If it’s health related, it doesn’t matter that it is July 2015 because it’s never to late to focus on our health. Today is the day you focus on eating clean and exercise. ¬†Eating clean means to eat your food as close to it’s natural source as possible and MUCH healthier for you than frozen and processed meals. Plus it fits perfectly with your minimalist lifestyle ūüôā

How about your minimalist journey? ¬†If living simply this year was on your list,it’s not too late to start if you haven’t yet. If you did get started, pick up right where you left off. ¬†If you haven’t yet, take it¬†slowly so you don’t burn yourself out. ¬†If the kitchen is too much to tackle, how about the bathroom? ¬†I started in my vanity and was amazed at the crap that I had accumulated over time – MOST of it I wasn’t even using! ¬†Grab our 30 day challenge if you’re not sure where to start.

Were your finances on that list? ¬†That’s always an important one for folks especially after the holidays and the credit card bills start rolling in. ¬†The minimalist lifestyle is the perfect complement to getting our finances under control. ¬†Make a deal with yourself that you’re going to not purchase anything that isn’t a necessity and put that money plus the minimum payment towards the lowest credit card¬†bill. ¬†Once that bill is paid off, you take the money that you used to pay off the first bill including what you are not spending and add it to the minimum payment of the next bill. ¬†Continue until your debt is paid off to your comfort level.

Will it be easy? Um, no. ¬†If our resolutions and goals were easy, people would’t quit so easily. ¬†Will it be worth it? I can promise you it will be.





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