Happy New Year! Minimalism Is Simple – 2014: Recap

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Another year has come and gone. Whew! It has certainly been a rollercoaster of cluttering and decluttering throughout the year, and figuring out tips and tricks to help others.

2014 was our strongest year yet, and here’s why:

In 2014, the MIS blog…

  • broke 1/2 a million views! In 2014, the MIS blog had over 400,000 visitors to the blog!
  • grew another year older! In 2014, MIS hit 2 years old!
  • became popular! We helped over 5,000 new fans with our newsletter and social media.
  • became global! Visitors to the blog came from all over the world. The five most popular countries: USA, Canada, U.K., Australia, and Germany!
  • hit over 200 blog posts! In 2014, we published over 60 new posts and a dozen new articles.

Speaking of articles, the number one most popular article for 2014 was…

Try On A Minimalist Wardrobe: July 2014
“I’ve never been a clothing hoarder, fortunately, but I have seen my wardrobe grow steadily over the years and realized it was time to downsize again. I did have a minor shoe addiction at one point, but I’ve since “kicked” the habit. If you’re considering a minimalist wardrobe, just want to declutter your current collection, or are ready to abandon your entire wardrobe (not recommended – no shirt, no shoes, no service) we’ve got a few tips to help get you started. Before downsizing completely, try these mini challenges first…”

Our second most popular article for 2014?

8 Simple Ways To Embrace Minimalism: March 2014
“The articles are floating everywhere: “How to spring clean!”, “Quick Tips to Spring Cleaning!”, and so on. I swear every time I log on to email, that little header on the side is featuring some form of quick scheme to clean your house (and sweeping everything under the bed is no longer acceptable… not that it ever was according to Mom). If you’ve come to this post looking for another quick rundown on how to Spring Clean and get your house in order, sorry to disappoint.Instead of another way to spring clean, I want to provide you with eight simple ways you can skip over the spring cleaning in the future. These eight tips can be applied to just about anyone: minimalist, hoarder, and everything in between.”

Fun fact, the third most popular post for 2014 was actually an article written in 2012 (one of our very first articles!):

How To Simplify Life: The First Step Into Minimalism
“The Why: I discovered I have too much “stuff”. I discovered I’m not living the way someone “should” to be happy.
I place these items in “” as these vary from person to person. There are no set rules on how someone should behave, should live, and what items can be considered stuff. For me, an item not in use or bringing value to my life is “stuff”. It’s stuff I don’t need, stuff I can get rid of, and stuff cluttering my life. It’s the items I stumbled upon during cleaning and debate on if it’s actually mine, or when the last time I actually used it (or held it for that matter).”

And there you have it, a quick recap of our 2014! Whew! We can’t wait for what 2015 has in store for us. Stay tuned, and be sure to join us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter.

Peace, Love, and Simplicity…


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