Where to Start? Entering into Minimalism.

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Are you asking yourself the question: Where to start? I know how you feel! Over the past week I’ve been making my way from room to room in my house, cleaning and de-cluttering. I figured out where I should start, but for each person this could be different. Here’s some ideas of where you can start if you’re wishing to clean out your home and enter into a minimalist lifestyle.

  • Break your home down into sections. For me, this was the easiest method. I broke my entire home into sections for each room. I then targeted the sections I used the least first, and have been working my way up from there. I still have plenty more to do, but I’ve officially cleaned up my least used spaces. I’m proud to say I’ve already tossed 2 garbage bags worth of junk, and have two bins full of stuff to either sell or donate.
  • Start in your least used room. Most homes have one space they use the least. It could be your guest bedroom, your kitchen, or even a storage space. Start in these spaces first, and then move your way to the more heavily trafficked areas of your home such as your living room or bedroom.
  • If you’re debating on whether or not to get rid of an item, ask yourself a few questions (see The How here for the questions I’ve been asking myself and information on minimalism).
  • De-clutter the papers. Perhaps one of the most “collected” items in any home is paper. Work papers, school papers, junk mail, newspapers, bills…. sooooo much paper. Recycle what isn’t important, and scan what is. If you must keep a paper copy of some item, try to limit how many you really need to keep.
  • Save the sentimental items for last. These will be the hardest items to part with, so save them for last. This gives you time to part ways with the item. Take a picture of the item if you feel the need to hold onto something.

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Take your time if you need to, but remember: the longer it takes to de-clutter, the longer you’ll be stuck in your funk.

For more information, or for the Quick Guide on how to start, click here or select “Start Here” above.


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