Downsizing In A Supersized World

downsize in supersize world

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I am not a big television watcher but I do watch an hour or so in the evenings.  I tend to stay away from the news because there is never anything good being reported on the news and I find it quite depressing actually.  We have to watch our thoughts and words so I guard what I am exposed to each day and turn away from negativity.  The commercials though – yikes!  They are getting very good at making you want things you really do not need.  So is downsizing possible in a super-sized world?

Minimalism is a journey and process for me.  Yes some times I do get tempted to pick up things that I really do not need and will not use. The best thing that I have found that works for me is to ask myself out loud, do I really need and want whatever is tempting to me.  Just about every single time I ask myself that question, the answer is no.  On the rare occasion that I do buy something, I get rid of something so that I never go back to those days of excess.

If you find yourself tempted but really want to stay on your minimalism path, here are some tips that have helped me stay on my minimalism journey:

  • Talk to yourself. If you are tempted to buy something, ask yourself if you really want it and need it – just like I do.  What this does is takes you out of the impulsive train of thought that you are currently in into a logical thought process where you can think about the impact of your purchase.  When you slow down and really THINK about your purchases, you will often find that you really did not want that item that temporarily tempted you.  downsize in supersize world
  • On the occasion you do buy something new, know that you have to get rid of something.  I have a thing for sneakers and flip-flops.  When I started my minimalism journey, I had AT LEAST 20 pairs of flip-flops. What did I do with 20 pairs of flip-flops you ask? Well, I wore my favorites and the others stayed in my closet.  When I began the de-cluttering process, it was emotional to part with my flip-flops but when I looked at the fact that 90% of them were not worn, it made it easier.  Now when I’m tempted, I think what flip-flops am I getting rid of?  Do you think it would be one of my favorites?  Absolutely not so I can walk away from those cute little flip-flops tempting me.
  • Think about why you are venturing down the minimalism path.  For me, in the beginning it was to improve my finances but now it is just as important to me not to waste our resources and to leave the world a better place than I found it.

Sometimes all it takes is to step back and decide how important that item is that you are considering purchasing.  When you weigh that purchase against everything else, 99.9% of the time, you will find it easy to walk away and continue peacefully down your minimalism path.  You may also want to read How To Begin Living A Minimalist Lifestyle.




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