Differences Between United States and New Zealand

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There are many things that are very different in New Zealand over the U.S. Such as driving on the opposite side of the car, and road.
Other little things:
  • I knew the power outlets would look different, slanted in a V shape, what I didn’t know is that you have to turn each individual outlet ‘on’ to use it. There’s a small little switch beside each outlet that you press to turn the power on for that outlet. Great way to conserve electricity.
  • Don’t forget to half flush or full flush. The toilets have two options on the top, two buttons. One conserves water and the other creates a full flush to ensure everything is gone.
  • One of the big things I LOVED in New Zealand was how eco-friendly the city was. Organic options were available everywhere.Even my hotel room offers recycling.
  • The grocery store was like a huge maze. And plastic bags need to be purchased if you want your groceries stored that way. Otherwise, you box them up.
  • Those born and raised in New Zealand call themselves “Kiwi’s”. Just a fun little fact I guess.
  • Food doesn’t have calories listed on the nutrition guide. Instead it lists “energy”.
  • There’s a rather large Asian population here, so it’s fun to see the different languages on the signs at the grocery store.
  • Internet is not free at the hotels. And Wi-Fi is rather rare, there’s a few places I’ve found that have it, such as Borders.
  • No tipping. You don’t tip your waiter, cab driver, no one. I haven’t decided if this makes things less expensive, or more.  The prices for things are a bit higher, but without a tip, what you see is what you pay.
  • The number to the police is 9 1 11 here. Not much different, just an extra 1.

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