Did The Start Part, Stop You From Moving Forward?

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Minimalism – sounds like such a wonderfully, simplistic world doesn’t it? However, getting there? Not so simple some days as we make our way through years of stuff that we have accumulated.  Lifestyle changes from how we grew up also not so simple. So how far are you?  Let us ask you – did the “Start” part stop you from moving forward on your minimalist lifestyle?

Making the choice to live a minimal lifestyle happens for a wide range of reasons that may include:

  • We are just tired of having so much crap in our lives.
  • Downsizing into a smaller home.
  • Wanting to live simply.
  • Less stress as minimalism is much less stressful than trying to maintain an elaborate lifestyle.
  • Easier to keep your home clean.
  • Save money because you will spend less.
  • Freedom! Living with less stuff is very liberating.
  • Be an example for your kids.
  • Much better for the world we live in.
  • Support causes that are important to you.
  • More time to spend with those we love.

And the list actually goes on and on.  There are as many personal reasons for moving into a minimalist lifestyle as there are people and each one is unique and important to that person.  So if you started in this direction, and find yourself stalled – what happened?  Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the idea of tackling the decluttering in your home and life?  Maybe you are afraid of living without all the things you are accustomed to having around you.  Maybe other things have come up that you need to handle.   Let us tell you – it’s okay.   Take a moment and breathe.

You had a little voice inside your head that prompted you to check out what exactly minimalism is and you thought this is a path that could really benefit you.   That little voice motivated you to do research and you really liked what you found.    I heard that voice too!  Thinking of what moved you to take action right now, is that little voice still in your head and are the reasons you found yourself gravitating toward this lifestyle just as important today as they were when you first started?  If you are like me the answer is a resounding YES!

When I first began my journey I was like a whirlwind!  I worked through the main living areas of my house over a weekend and to this day they are just as clean and easy to maintain as when I finished them.  I LOVE THESE ROOMS. They calm me.  The rest of the house – not so much.  I have made progress on the closets in the house but my  husband is not as passionate as I am for decluttering and I have to respect that.

Time has also become a factor as my seasonal business is now in season so I find myself working more than I was a few months back when I started the process.  I have also put my fitness as a priority in my life and make sure that I have time to exercise every single day because when you really think about it, what would you have if you didn’t have your health?  You could have the most fabulous family in the world – I do – but if I’m not here to enjoy them, what do I truly have?

At the end of the day, we have to be happy.  Life is too short to stress about anything.  I am still on my minimalist journey and enjoying every step along the way – some days I make more steps forward than others.  And that is okay.




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