Decluttering Tips For Our Most Cluttered Spaces

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Here are 7 decluttering tips for some of our most cluttered spaces!

Cluttered cabinets? Take the doors off the cabinets.
You’re less likely to overstuff those cabinets if the contents are visible. There’s plenty of options here. You can remove the doors and organize the contents, you can opt for shelving instead of cabinets, or you can even limit the amount of cabinets you have.

Cluttered walls? Remove everything.
Are your walls covered floor to ceiling in artwork, pictures, shelves, and more? Remove everything then add things back one piece at a time until you reach the perfect balance of fun yet functional.

Cluttered desk? Downsize your workspace.
Using a smaller desk offers us far less real estate to clutter, and you’ll be forced to downsize. Eventually you can switch back to the full size desk, but you’ll be bringing a lot less with you.

Cluttered nightstand? Get rid of it.
Having a small table beside the bed is an invitation to clutter. Every night we toss a few things on the table (books, pens, glasses, electronics) and before you know it you have no room left. Opt out of the nightstand all together and you eliminate the clutter.

Cluttered laundry room? Wash and put away your clothes.
Wash it, fold it, then put it away! Your dryer is not your closet, and the forgotten towel should never be left in the laundry basket for months at a time. If things are sitting in the laundry basket for too long, it’s probably time to let them go.

Cluttered vanity? Use less product.
This is a toughie, but the easiest and simplest way to declutter our bathroom vanities and counters is to use less products (or to toss the ones we never use anyway). Grab a small basket, put all your products in the basket (starting with what you use most), and once the basket is full either toss what didn’t fit or store it elsewhere.


Cluttered coffee table? Remove the unnecessary.
Do you really need that coffee table book? How about that stack of magazines? What other things are on your coffee table that you *really* don’t need? Toss them. While you’re at it, stop putting your purse, mail, keys, and whatever else on the coffee table when you walk in the front door.

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