10 for 10: Decluttering Tasks You Can Tackle in the Morning

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We’re all busy in the mornings – that’s usually the time we’re bustling about trying to rush out the door in time.

Here’s a brilliant idea – we’re introducing a new challenge. We’re challenging you to tackle 10 tasks in under 10 minutes. We’ll call it 10 for 10! Sounds great, right? We think so. 🙂   10 decluttering morning

10 For 10 – What Is It?

For part one, we’re going to tackle 10 decluttering tasks you can complete in the morning – all tasks can be completed (together) in under 10 minutes! Give about a minute for each task – these are not elaborate tasks, but as you do them everyday for 10 days the time spent will add up – soon you’ll be doing them in 30 seconds or less!

We’re limiting the time to each task to ONE MINUTE only. Often times we become overwhelmed with the amount we need to do to declutter and organize. Don’t stress!! You’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish in a minute – and by limiting the time we spend on each task, we can also limit the stress and anxiety tied to decluttering and organizing. Remember, we’ll be doing these tasks over the next 10 days (and you may even keep going longer, if you choose) so there’s plenty of time here.

10 For 10 – Segment One: Mornings

1. Tidy up the nightstand (if you have one): Pick up the cell phone cord, maybe donate a book or two you no longer need. Take a minute here to quickly pick up before you roll out of bed.

2. Wipe down the bathroom counter: You’ll be brushing your teeth anyway, so while you’re standing at the sink making sure you hit every tooth, do a quick wipedown. Tidy up the toiletries, and maybe toss a few cosmetics and bath items you no longer need.

3. Declutter the medicine cabinet or under the sink: The recommended time (according to WebMD) for brushing your teeth is 2 minutes, so we’ve got plenty of time for another quick decluttering task. Pick a spot – we’ll start with the medicine cabinet. Do a quick sweep of the area and take one minute to quickly declutter. Even if you only get to one corner or one shelf, no worries – we’ll be back at it again tomorrow. Don’t spend more than a minute here.

4. Toss the empty bottles: While you’re showering, do a quick sweep of any empty bottles you no longer need. Take those with you as you leave the shower.

5. Pick up laundry: If you have dirty (or clean) clothes thrown about, take a minute to quickly pick them up. Don’t spend more than a minute here – we’ll keep going again tomorrow. Try to donate one or two clothing items you no longer need.

6. Donate 3 things: Remember, we’re only spending one minute on each task. If you don’t have a donation bag going yet, it’s time we get one started. Pick three things you no longer need and add them to the bag. If you’ve already donated 2 clothing items from the step above, you just need one more.

7. Declutter any trash: If you have any trash sitting on your countertops, dining table, etc. toss it.

8. Declutter countertops: While you’re waiting for your coffee or for the kids to pile into the kitchen for breakfast, do a quick sweep of the countertops.

9. Start eliminating the junk drawer: If you have a junk drawer, take a minute and begin decluttering it. Again, only spend a minute here.

10. Clear off the dining table: Do you even sit at the dining table? Is there room to? Make room. While you sit at the dining table do a quick sweep of the items there. Sort your mail, remove things that don’t belong, etc. Remember – we’re only spending a minute here per day, so don’t stress if you don’t get everything done in one round.

Keep It Up!

The key to seeing results is to make sure you’re not cluttering up what you’ve accomplished every morning later in the day. Spending a minute each morning on these little tasks will help to cement them in your mind – try to stay aware of these throughout the day. This will also be a great experience for living more mindfully and staying aware of your actions throughout the day. Sounds like a win-win in my book!

Check Back Soon!

Tune back in soon – the next challenge will be 10 for 10: Decluttering Tasks You Can Tackle In The Evening. We’re going to give you 10 parts to this challenge. It only makes sense, right? Do the tasks above for the next 10 days, and then move on to our next 10 for 10 segment in the challenge.

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