Dear Stressed Stranger

Dear Stress Stranger

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One of the best things that came along with my minimalist lifestyle?  My stress level decreased!  If you dear stressed stranger minimalismissimplewould have told me that minimalism would help me decrease the stress in my life I would have looked at you like you were crazy but I am beyond grateful for my daughter introducing this lifestyle to me.  So here you go stressed stranger – this letter is to you.  Maybe you will look at things just a wee bit differently than before.



Dear Stressed Stranger,

I see you in your brand new car that is costing you several hundred dollars each month.  I see you choking down fast food that you know is not beneficial to your health but you only have 10 minutes to eat before you have to get to back to work or make that next phone call.  After all you have bills to pay!

Your kids always have the latest and greatest technology even if the phone they have is just a few months old.  You have moved up sizes in your house and are overworking and stressing yourself to cover the mortgage and bills every month.  Yet you do not change.  Could it be that you haven’t considered there may be other options?

Stressed stranger, I understand you.  I have been right where you are.  Climbing to move up the food chain at work.  Paying 2 car notes each month along with a house that was larger than my family needed.  After all the kids do move out – what do I need all those bedrooms for I wonder now. 

I want to tell you though that in the past 5 years, my life has drastically improved since I adopted the minimalist lifestyle. My stress levels are much lower than they ever have been.  I’m beyond happy because things do not control me.  Family and experiences are important to me.  Not the latest iPhone especially since I have a cell phone that does everything I want it to do – and it’s paid for.  Not the latest car. The car I have is just perfect – AND paid for.  I am self-employed and my business is operated right on my property.

Did it happen overnight?  No it did not.  It was a gradual change in my mindset and priorities. I am still a minimalist work in progress, however, I made a firm decision that I would no longer be controlled by things in my life.  I do not buy anything that I do not need and if I do buy something I need, I get rid of the old item I had. 

My family’s happiness always comes first quickly followed by my health.  Healthy eating was another side benefit of my choices.  The best benefit of all?  It takes me only a few minutes to keep my house in order.  No having to worry about “organizing” or “storing” things I don’t use anyway.

So stressed stranger, take a moment to think about the things in your life.  Would you be better off without them?  I can tell you that I am.



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