Minimalist Lifestyle: Could I live off grid?

could i live off grid

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Could I really live off-grid?

It has been quite some time since we have written a post but that is going to change.  This past week has given me a new perspective on MANY things but mainly to get back on track with my minimalist lifestyle and this blog.

One thing that became very apparent, however, was rethinking if I could live off-grid.  Living off-grid is something that I have been interested in pursuing for quite some time and thought it would be something I could do. When Hurricane Irma hit us last week, we lost power Sunday night but we were prepared because we have a generator.

The generator keeps our refrigerator and well running so our food is okay and we have water which is especially important with our many rescue dogs and horses. What our generator does not run is our air conditioning. No big deal right? After all, I’m a child of the 60’s. No one had air conditioning WAY back then especially in Cleveland, Ohio. Sounds good in theory until you hit day four of 90+ degrees. Yep I was ready to throw in the towel but we survived.

The hard part?  Going without internet for over five days. Oh my gosh! Someone needed to put me in a straight jacket.  I truly thought I was getting better with my type A personality but nope. It resurfaced and not in a good way. Ask my husband or daughters.

We had a back-up plan in place with an AT&T United modem that we have been paying for every month without fail.  Did it work? Unfortunately no and now we need to rethink a few things especially if we plan to travel and be off-grid for any length of time.  My businesses ( and our wholesale/distribution business USA Pool & Toy) cannot function without connectivity so this is something we need to fix rather quickly. Especially since we live in rural Florida.

Looking into several options but we can scratch Hughes Net and Dish satellite off the list. We tried those before and they were almost as bad as dial-up.  Seriously bad. The plan is when things are back to normal here in north Florida, to head to both Verizon and AT&T to see what our options are so we are able to connect no matter where we are.

If we get the internet snag taken care of, could I live off-grid?  Today, I would have to tell you I do not know but would be willing to give it a test run. The goal is to live off-grid for at least 30 days to see how we function.

If you have had thoughts of living off-grid and your connectivity is a concern, check back often. I will be documenting what I find, what doesn’t work and hopefully finding what does work.




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