Challenging the way you think about minimalism

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Do you have 100 items or less? An iphone? An all white house? Not a single item out of place in your home and nothing “unnecessary”? So what!

Before you begin jumping to conclusion that minimalism is not for you simply because you have 101 items, a fancy iphone or ipad, or a home that may be eclectic – think again. There are many common misconceptions circling around a life of minimalism as being a life that must be nomadic and carefree. Yes, many strive to land in that location when becoming minimalist, but at the same time a life of such extreme minimalism is not for everyone.There are many minimalists still working in a corporate environment, with pets and kids, and own a house.

  Minimalism synonyms: Simplicity, cleanness, unfussiness

No where in those items does it say you have to restrict yourself to only a set number of possessions and that you cannot commit to stay in one location. It states simplicity, cleanness, and unfussiness. Live with less, but only with what you are comfortable with. Keep your environment clean so you have less to worry about and more time to enjoy other things. Don’t worry about money and the things you can’t control.

The point of minimalism is not to take you from an unhappy life and place you in a life of restrictions to force happiness onto you. It’s about finding happiness and beauty in your life. It’s about keeping the necessities and removing yourself from the grasp of the falling economy. It’s about removing the clutter and eliminating unnecessary purchases so you have time and money to spend on yourself and the people you care most about doing the things you love. Such as camping, biking, traveling, or just relaxing and enjoying a good meal.

Remove those stereotypes and common misconceptions and understand that a life of minimalism can be for you.

Find happiness in all that we do.


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