Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a minimalist wardrobe? Maybe you’d like to downsize but have no idea how to go about doing so?

The Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge is the way to go! For this challenge you’ll need to follow 3 simple steps listed below. When you have finished, we recommend you read Try On A Minimalist Wardrobe.

1. Select 7 outfits from your current wardCan you live with a minimalist wardrobe minimalismissimple.comrobe. We’re going to have our week planned out for our clothing. This can consist of 7 tops, 7 bottoms, undergarments, socks, and try to limit to only two or three pairs of shoes and accessories. This will bring your total wardrobe to right around 30 – 35 pieces, or less.

2. Once you have your 7 outfits selected, remove the rest of the clothing from your dresser/closet and tuck these items out of the way. We want our focus to be only on the items selected in Step 1.

3. Commit the next 4 weeks to wearing ONLY the 7 outfits you’ve selected. That’s it. Don’t go into your stash and try to replace an item or bring something new in. Try to stick with the 30 – 35 items you selected in Step 1. The purpose of this challenge is to see what it’s like to have a minimal wardrobe.

Try mixing and matching…

Your minimalist wardrobe doesn’t need to be boring. Mix and match the pieces you have to create new outfits daily. If you have 7 tops, 7 bottoms, 3 accessories, and 3 shoes – that’s plenty of outfit choices you can choose from and then spruce them up with your shoes and accessories for the next 4 weeks. You’d never have to wear the same outfit twice!

During this challenge…

Consider how much time you’re saving in the morning by not digging around for an outfit. How much water and energy you are saving by only having to do one small load of laundry a week. The amount of money you’re saving by not having to use as much detergent and resources. Your minimalist wardrobe has many many benefits!

At the end of this challenge…

How did it feel to have only those 7 outfits available to you? If you found it to be refreshing not having the stress of your outfits, it may be time to declutter your wardrobe! Try these helpful posts to get you started: