30 Day Challenge – Minimalism Challenge

30 day challenge with minimalismissimple

The Challenge is Here!

30 day challenge with minimalismissimple

Wondering about the minimalist lifestyle? Would you like a test run? This 30 day minimalist lifestyle challenge lets you give it a test drive. You may just find you love living minimally and simply. Enjoy! MinimalismIsSimple.com

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Your 30 Day Challenge Starts Now!

We have our 30 day minimizing and simplifying challenge for you to take on. Are you ready?

Our goal is not just to help you lose the clutter, but to mostly create lifestyle changes that will last. Consider this a 30 day transformation to get you ongoing results months and years down the road. Best of all…. it’s free!

Day One: Place one item a day into a donate box for the next 30 days (the length of this challenge).

Designate a “Donate” box in your home and everyday place one item into this box.


Day Two: Eliminate the need for a “junk drawer” by tossing the junk.

Today we’re going to empty this drawer and eliminate the need for one.

Day Three: Recycle one item beyond repair.

Whether it’s a plate that has received one too many chips over the years or an old futon that is missing boards, springs, and is filled with mold – recycle one item today that is beyond repair.


Day Four: Remove the items you’re storing in your guest room.

Your guest room is a room meant for guests, remove the items you’re keeping in there for storage.


Day Five: Donate one bag of clothing to those in need.

Any clothing you haven’t worn in the last few months can be added to this bag. The only exception is seasonal clothing.


Day Six: Clean up your mail.

Choosing paperless billing will reduce the amount of bills you receive. You can choose to receive an email or text message from most companies if you’re worried you will forget about the bill.


Day Seven: Declutter your dresser.

Our dressers are meant for clothing but sometimes sentimental items, paperwork, and other miscellaneous things find their way in. Today, spend some time removing the items from your dresser, except clothing.


Day Eight: Pick one corner.

Remove the items that do not belong and enjoy the space.


Day Nine: Opt for a digital picture frame.

You can simplify the amount of photo albums and picture frames you keep by opting for a digital photo frame. Now all your pictures can be proudly displayed at all times, without all the clutter!


Day Ten: Take an hour for yourself.

Spend an hour away from electronics (TV and cell phones included) and use that time for yourself.


Day Eleven: Clean out the toy chest.

This includes all the toys in the home (pet, child, etc). Work with your family members and sort through items you may no longer need.


Day Twelve: Donate items you’re holding onto “just in case”.

Today we are going to donate all the items we have purchased in the last year that we are holding onto “just in case”.
Extra Credit: If you’re feeling up to it, donate the items you’re holding onto that haven’t been used in the last 3 months.


Day Thirteen: Opt out of store email offers.

Let’s clear out our inboxes so we spend less time sifting through the “sales” and more time getting to what really counts.


Day Fourteen: Turn your bedroom into a place of relaxation.

Remove the clutter from your bedroom (on top of your nightstand, the foot of your bed, etc). An hour before bed disconnect from electronics to allow yourself time to calm down for the evening.


Day Fifteen: Sleep on it.

If you’ve found an item you think you want, weigh the pros and cons of spending the money. You may find you don’t want or need the item.


Day Sixteen: Tackling sentimental items.

There’s a few things you can do with sentimental items, such as creating a T-Shirt quilt! If you’re not ready to part with the item this is a great way to turn the item into something you can use on an everyday basis, while still holding onto the memory. View other ideas here.


Day Seventeen: Declutter your shoe collection.

Donate or recycle one pair of shoes you no longer wear.
Extra Credit: Donate or recycle three or more pairs.


Day Eighteen, Nineteen, and Twenty: Virtual Disconnect.

It’s important to disconnect from the computer and internet from time to time. Let’s use this 3 day virtual disconnect to work on ourselves – stretch, rest our eyes, and spend time with friends and family.


Day Twenty-One: Keep only the necessities in the kitchen.

Tackle your kitchen and remove items you never use. Donate these items, or recycle items beyond repair.


Day Twenty-Two: Clear Your Floors.

Spend some time going through the rooms of your home and clearing the floors.


Day Twenty-Three: Take your time.

This evening take your time – with everything. Once you relax for the evening it’s time to turn off the mental checklist.


Day Twenty-Four: Focus On Yourself.

While you’re making your way through your journey, don’t forget to take some time to work on yourself. Get out and exercise, eat a healthy meal, and don’t forget to smile! This is a complete transformation – home, body, mind, and soul.


Day Twenty-Five: Declutter the unusual spots.

Today we’re going to tackle the “unusual” places where junk accumulates. This includes under your sink,  and even behind the couch.


Day Twenty-Six: Tackle your electronics.

We’re decluttering not only the physical items (DVD players, CD players… Walkmans too), we’re also going to declutter the items we store on our electronics.  Remove songs, pictures, videos, etc. from your hard drives that you are no longer using.


Day Twenty-Seven: Every item has its place.

Every item needs a “place” in your home. When not in use, return the item to its place. Organizing your remaining items is a great way to create a system, while keeping the items off your floor.


Day Twenty-Eight: Don’t Beat Yourself Up.

We are our own worst critic. Today, try tackling something you’ve been putting off or avoiding. If you find yourself reaching a challenge or having difficulty with a certain task, step away for a minute. When you feel prepared to tackle the task again, dive in.


Day Twenty-Nine: Try something new.

You’ve almost completed a 30 Day Challenge on Simplifying and Minimizing! Have you completed one before? If you’ve answered “No” then you’ve already tried something new! Today, try something else.


Day Thirty: Wrap-Up.

We’ve hit the end of our challenge. On Day One we asked you to place one item a day into a Donate Box. Today, donate the box. If you’re hesitant to donate the box, you can instead place it in a closet or spare space temporarily. Take items from the box only if you need them, but replace any item taken with a new item to be donated. After a month, items still in the box should be donated.

Optional Day Thirty:  This challenge is about building a better future, stronger ties with loved one, stepping away from “things,” and discovering who you are. That’s a lot to ask for in 30 days. Complete the challenge for a second time.