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That’s right! It’s been ONE YEAR since the MIS 30 Day Challenge Ebook was officially published! To celebrate, we’re giving you an excerpt from the book today to help you during the crazy holiday season. Enjoy! And don’t forget to snag your copy of the Ebook if you haven’t already. It’s currently $2.99 on Amazon!

Excerpt: Day Twenty-Seven (Time Management)

Below is an excerpt from Day Twenty-Seven, focusing on Time Management.

“There’s not enough time in a day to get all of this done.” Sound familiar? Between work, family, friends, spouses, chores, etc. we’re exhausted at the end of the day! Finding time (and energy) to do even a super-fast pick up can sound like you’re trying to climb Mt. Everest when you’re exhausted and already crunched for time. When you’re better able to manage your time you’ll be better able to tackle projects with a calm and collected mind. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Task One:

First, let’s determine where we’re wasting time. For Task One, don’t rush through your day, take your time. When you rush through your day you may find yourself becoming frustrated and therefore procrastinating on working on a task.

In addition, as you go through your day monitor where you’re spending an unnecessary amount of time on meaningless projects. Do you find yourself spending 20 minutes per hour perusing social media sites? Are you daydreaming for 30+ minutes when you should be focusing? Are you getting up to chat with coworkers every other hour for 15 minutes or more? Throughout the day keep track of how much time you’re spending on these things then add it all up. You may just find that you’ve wasted over 3 hours. It’s alright to take a break from time to time, in fact, it’s important you do! But set a limit for how much time you spend so you don’t wind up wasting way more time than you had planned to.


Task Three:

Finally, set priorities. Spend some time today determining where your tasks sit based on their priority. Consider the deadline or due date, who the task is for, why you feel the task is important, and if it’s something that absolutely needs to be done. Some items will hold a higher value than others when it comes to your time, thus making them a higher priority item. For example, spending time with loved ones should hold a much higher priority than spending time on Facebook.

Once you’ve got your tasks mapped out you’ll be more prepared to tackle the day. If you’re beginning to feel crunched for time go with the task you’ve decided is a higher priority and don’t waste time on a low priority item. Reschedule that lower priority item for a different day when you know you’ll have the time to tackle it stress free.




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