• 5waystobuild emergency fund

    5 Ways To Build An Emergency Fund

    We have all been advised at one time or another that it’s important to have an emergency fund. I prefer not to use the term “emergency” so I have a contingency fund that includes both cash and credit in the event I need it.  The question is why have one and how to build it. There are […]

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  • How To Live An Abundant Life MinimalismIsSimple.com

    Living Minimally Equals Living Abundantly

    One thing that is hard for many of us to wrap our brains around is living abundantly while being a minimalist.  Living minimally and living abundantly are actually quite possible.  These two words are actually not polar opposites like you may think. One definition for abundance is: overflowing fullness:  abundance of the heart. For many, […]

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  • minimalist journey minimalismissimple.com

    Minimalism. Find YOUR Minimalist Comfort Zone.

    Seems that minimalism and tiny are the new lifestyle buzzwords. Notice how many tiny living TV shows have popped up lately on several cable channels?  Finally it seems that people are beginning to understand living minimally has several advantages.  But minimalism has different comfort levels and it’s important that you find what works for you […]

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