• How to clean quickly by living minimally minimalismissimple.com

    Spring Cleaning Minimalist Style

    NOTE:  This essay was originally published April 1, 2015 but it is actually fitting no matter what time of year it is. Enjoy! Wow! April 1st.  Can you believe it’s April Fool’s Day?  This year is flying by – at least it is for me. Many of us think of Spring when the calendar hits […]

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  • How To Organize Craft Rooms

    Minimalist Decor: Organizing Craft Rooms

    We know! We’ve been a bit scarce in updating our minimalist decor category. No worries though, today we have a new installment of the Minimalist Decor series – organizing craft rooms!!  Our Minimalist Decor series features a different room, posted once a month. Today we’re focusing on craft rooms!! Craft rooms (or even just Creative Rooms) are […]

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  • Can you live with a minimalist wardrobe minimalismissimple.com

    Try On A Minimalist Wardrobe

    I’ve never been a clothing hoarder, fortunately, but I have seen my wardrobe grow steadily over the years and realized it was time to downsize again. I did have a minor shoe addiction at one point, but I’ve since “kicked” the habit. If you’re considering a minimalist wardrobe, just want to declutter your current collection, or […]

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  • Decluttering Books

    Decluttering the Bookshelves

    I LOVE MY KINDLE!  I never thought I could love an inanimate object as much as I do my Kindle but I admit – I do.  Sounds silly doesn’t it for a minimalist to be in love with a thing right? Actually when you really think about it, a Kindle is a perfect fit for […]

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