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Wow! When I posted the other day about my journey to becoming a professional organizer, I wasn’t expecting the amount of feedback that I received. It seems I’m not the only one with the interest. 🙂

I decided to do a quick post today on what I’ve been doing to become a Professional Organizer, and the process I’ve been taking to become a Certified Professional Organizer.

I have roughly 2 years under my belt so far, so I am still “young” in the industry. It wasn’t until last year I made the decision to pursue it as a career, and a few months ago I decided to go through the process of becoming certified. As I’ve been going through the process of certification, I’ve noticed more and more have become interested in working with me, which is fantastic!

First: You want to determine the area(s) you’d like to service. Myself personally, I have chosen to be available for most of North Florida, with an emphasis in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. Once you’ve determined your area, get your name out there!

Second: You’ll need to invest a little to gain a lot. I recommend taking a course or two on the best practices, etc. These have been incredibly helpful to me, and I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge. Just be warned: the courses are not cheap. Take a quick look at Google for some of the schools available.

Third: If you’re feeling comfortable enough, you can skip the above courses, and just go for the certification (as found here: They do require a minimum amount of hands on experience to qualify. If you’ve chosen to complete the courses above, you can apply the time spent doing those courses to the total time needed to become certified. While it is not required you be certified to become a professional organizer, it is recommended. By being certified you become more credible, it’s reassuring to potential clients, and you can make more money!

Fourth: A good idea is to register with the National Association of Professional Organizers website ( It does cost about $230 for membership, but once you’re on there you become more credible.

Fifth: Work with others that you trust. Taking on some of these homes is a big job, and going in alone is NOT recommended. Bring in a team that you trust and know well. The last thing you want is a thief on your team. Be sure you also look into insurance for yourself and your team.

Finally: Build a solid website and allow an area for your clients to post their feedback and offer testimonials. The more testimonials you receive, the more positive influence your website will have for potential clients. Don’t be upset if a client leaves suggestions for how you could improve – take this at face value and learn from it.

Good luck on your journey!

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