Minimalismissimple.com is a website managed by a mother/daughter team.

Denise Sanger, mother, is self-employed and located in the country side of Florida. Her background includes business, marketing, retail, and wholesale. A strong lover of animals, Denise has 4 rescue horses, 5 rescue dogs, and even a cat who adopted the whole family.

Aly Sanger, daughter, works as a documentation specialist as well as a freelance writer. She graduated Florida State University with a degree in Creative Writing and Editing. She currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida where she is working to complete her certification to become a Certified Professional Organizer. Also a lover of animals (a gene passed from mother to daughter, perhaps) she has a cat, a ferret, and two dogs.

The duo decided to embark on the journey into a minimalistic lifestyle together after Aly accidentally stumbled onto an article discussing the benefits of minimalism. After digging a bit deeper, Aly fell in love. She passed the information on to Denise. Shortly after, minimalismissimple.com was created. Since the creation of this website, Aly and Denise have each been decluttering and simplifying their lives, while also discovering who they really are.

Bookmark www.minimalismissimple.com to follow the duo. Read about their challenges, discoveries, and journeys here.


Denise’s Websites:

Mother approved toys for children and toddlers.

Wholesale educational and fun toys.


Aly’s Websites:
Marketing Services and Freelance Writer For Hire!