A Mother/Daughter Journey Into Minimalism

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Turns out my interest in cleaning up my life and finding happiness appealed to not just me, but to my mother as well. She too has decided to dive into a life of minimalism. Together, we’ve decided to set a few milestones.

Milestone one: Clean up and de-clutter our homes. We live in different cities, but have decided to complete this milestone together. Each of us has taken on the task of removing the unnecessary “stuff” from  our lives. While she’s tackling her bedroom, I’ll be tackling mine. Once we have sorted through the mess, we’re hosting a garage sale together at my place. Whatever doesn’t sell will be donated.

Milestone two: De-clutter our lives. While we may be able to de-clutter our homes together, we won’t be able to de-clutter our lives together. Separately  we’ll each have to tackle the big challenges in our lives and de-clutter it. We’ll be able to talk to one another during tight spots, but ultimately the task is our own. To see my stages and phases into how I plan to not only de-clutter my home but also my life, see The First Step into Minimalism.

Milestone three: Find happiness.

Just knowing there’s someone so close to me will be going through the same process is great, but I know that relying on her for my happiness will not be part of this process. Sure, we’ll be able to talk to one another, and help each other out, but at the end of the day we each need to find our own way to happiness. For those who may have found a buddy to join them on their journey as well, be sure to keep this in mind as well. Finding your own way will be the most rewarding experience every.


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