A Minimalist Wardrobe

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One of the questions we get the most is about having a minimalist wardrobe.  What exactly is a minimalist wardrobe?  The answer is as unique as the person asking the question.  There is no one answer to what qualifies as a minimalist wardrobe.

When I was working in a corporate environment, I chose to spend more money on higher quality clothes so I did not have an extensive work wardrobe.  My wardrobe consisted of 5 suits, 5 dresses, and about 7 tops that I interchanged to create different looks.  The suits were black, navy blue, gray and two that were outside of the “bank” look with copper and red.  The black, navy, and gray suits were worn considerably more often than the copper or gray because those colors were more noticeable.  I would mix up the blouses or shells to create a sense of a “different” outfit.  Did I have a lot of work clothes – absolutely  not – but I didn’t notice it and no one else did either.

Today, my life is considerably different in that I am self-employed and work at home but I still follow the same principals of less is more especially when it comes to wardrobe.  I’ve streamlined my clothing options as I have lost weight.  Anything that is now too large automatically goes to the Salvation Army and I do not purchase anything that I do not need.  Yes, my clothes are mainly jeans and black tees but I live on a rural property off a dirt road and can be found just as easily in the warehouse as I can in the office.  I don’t need much more than this.

As we are heading into summertime, the same holds true.  I stick with jean shorts and black tanks or tees.  Easier to maintain.  I am struggling with an issue of exercise or workout clothes.  I run or bike daily plus go to the gym, and often find I am changing many times during the day.  This is something I will have to figure out and work on but the rest of my wardrobe is as I wrote above plus the following:

  • Black Dress for occasions that may require it.
  • Hoodies for winter in Florida.
  • Running shoes
  • Farm shoes
  • Black Pumps
  • Sandals

That’s it.  I’ve even cleaned out all the purses (and there were a lot) that I accumulated over the years.  It has made everything so much easier from the laundry to putting the clothes away.  It’s just a matter of wrapping your brain around the fact that we do not need as much as we think or society tells us we do.

I’ll keep you posted on the work out clothes – my last guilty pleasure besides flip flops 🙂

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