The 7 Stages of Minimalists

7 levels of minimalists

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The 7 Stages of Minimalists – which stage do you fall under?

CURIOSITY – Those who fall into the CURIOSITY stage may have just discovered minimalism and the benefits of living with less. At this stage, you’re fascinated with the idea and you may find yourself spending countless hours reading every blog, book, and Facebook page you can find.

PREPARATION – At this stage you have found you’re ready to make the change and are now mentally preparing yourself. You may have begun sorting your belongings in to piles and find yourself growing more and more comfortable with the idea of halving your belongings.

PURGING – Those who fall into the PURGING stage are ready to begin, and may have even felt a giddy freedom from tossing their first garbage bag filled with items.  During this stage you’ll find yourself tossing boxes, bags, and maybe even dumpsters filled with things you no longer need or have been holding on to just in case. We tend to stay in this stage for a while, and may even return to it again in the future.

ORGANIZE – After you’ve purged you begin to organize what remains. During this stage it’s all about finding balance in your home and organizing things in a way that will make your day to day life easier.

AVOIDANCE – This stage may occur at any time or after any of the above stages. During this stage we find ourselves growing bored, tired, or frustrated with our new lifestyles and we may begin to avoid any more progress. It’s important when you reach this stage to push through it and focus on the positives.

MAINTAIN – After we have purged and organized we’ll reach the maintenance stage. At this time we’ve put our best practices in place and it becomes almost second nature to declutter and organize. During this stage you may find yourself doing small bouts of purging and re-organizing your space – and that is perfectly normal!

GROWTH – Your journey through minimalism will be a lengthy one, but it will ultimately help you to grow. In this stage we’ve achieved some form of growth and perhaps wisdom through our journey. We can use this time to spread our knowledge to others.

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