3 Work From Home Businesses That Support A Minimalist Lifestyle

3 work from home businesses minimalismissimple.com

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Want to be self-employed while living a minimalist lifestyle but not sure where to start? We get it because we’ve been there and know that it is not easy especially when you first begin. I personally own two businesses – one traditional and one 100% online that I am able to do anywhere I may be. Which work from home businesses are the best? Well if I were debt free – which I am working on becoming as quickly as possible – the answer would be a resounding 100% online. However at this time, I am not debt free but I am making strides every day toward that goal. Also it is EXTREMELY important to keep in mind that just because you live a minimalist lifestyle does not mean you live

in poverty. I earn an abundant income from both my businesses that allows me to live the life I want to live that not only includes travel but to support the charities I have selected along with rescuing the horses and dogs we have. So to answer your questions which business successfully and abundantly supports a minimalist lifestyle, I have three options for you to consider below.

3 work from home businesses minimalismissimple.com

These work from home businesses are the perfect complement to a minimalist lifestyle.


Do you have something you are passionate about? I do and that passion led me to create DeniseSanger.com, HowToStayFitOver50.com  and as a Young Living Distributor which complements my minimalism and chemical free lifestyle. This last business actually became a business by accident.  I wanted to be able to purchase wholesale so became a member.  By simple word of mouth, the business side launched about 6 months ago and is now generating income for me each month through direct sales of a chemical free lifestyle product, affiliate sales, ebooks and fitness coaching that I do online. I am not locked into a physical location but rather am accessible virtually when my clients need me. Everything is done online through my blog, email and Facebook. There is a set schedule that I adhere to as far as when I am with clients, writing, and when I focus on marketing my business. As I have two businesses, I estimate the time spent on this business is about 20 hours per week.

Start a Business: How to Work from Home Making Money with Dropshipping

Product Sales

This business is more traditional in that we do have a warehouse and it is located on our property. Where the products for my fitness business are drop ship, we actually acquire and maintain inventory as we are an importer/distributor of toys and seasonal gifts throughout the USA.  Where I love to travel, my husband is okay with a vacation for our anniversary and attending industry trade shows so we are okay with a physical business.  What is important to keep in mind, however, is if you choose to sell physical products you do not need to go the route that we have with a warehouse. There are many, many companies that will dropship their merchandise for you. What are you passionate about? As you know I am passionate about fitness but I’m also very passionate about marketing and thoroughly enjoy promoting and marketing this toy business.


There are so many freelance positions available that range from writers, to virtual customer service reps, to guest speakers, to content creators, to website development right down to doing outsource work for the company you are currently employed with. Many times if you work virtually for a company that is already familiar with the great work you do, you can not only work virtually but many times you will retain your salary AND benefits. Benefits can be a big chunk of your monthly expenses so that would be a major coup. On the other hand working freelance as a content creator allows you to use your creativity for several companies – a great way to keep your income diversified. When you freelance you NEVER want to be dependent on one company – you want as many eggs in the basket as possible so if that one company falls away, you don’t have to worry about your income.

The best way to figure out what you would be happy doing? Sit down and answer the following questions:

1. Do I like to be supervised or do I prefer autonomy and making my own decisions?
2. Do I want to be free to travel at will or do I prefer to be in one location?
3. What do I LIKE to do? What are the things I find enjoyable?
4. What products can I not live without? This could be invaluable for finding a product to sell via dropship because when YOU are using a product, it’s easier to write about the product.

We hope this article gets you moving in the right direction toward finding a business that abundantly supports your minimalist lifestyle – whatever that many be.  Also, we are putting the finishing touches on our next Ebook – Minimalism and Self Employment – so keep an eye out for it if this is the direction you would like to go. Have an amazing day.




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