10 for 10 Minimalist Living Challenge: Healthy Family Lifestyle

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We hope you are enjoying our 10 for 10 Minimalist Living Challenges.  I know I am!  Keeps me in check.

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Today we bring to you a challenge just a bit different.  One of the BEST side effects of living minimally has been that my health has improved tremendously.  I’ve always been active so exercise has never been an issue but boy could I go off the chart by not eating right.  Eating clean is the perfect complement to living minimally.

We hope you enjoy this healthy family challenge. Let us know below how you do.



p.s. The program that works for me now that I’m in my 50’s is Paleo.  Click here for more info: Paleo Information.

10 for 10 Segment: Health & Fitness

    1. Take stock of your kitchen including the pantry and refrigerator. Toss anything past the due date
    2. While you are looking in the refrigerator and pantry, eliminate as many not-good-for-you processed and junk foods as you can without throwing your family into shock.
    3. Think ahead.  Planning your meals keeps you on track not only for your health BUT also your budget. Sit down and write a grocery list.
    4. Drink a glass of water right now.  Rule of thumb is your body needs half of its weight in ounces of water each day. If you weigh 200 pounds, strive to drink 100 ounces of water.
    5. If you are away from the house for lunch, pack your lunch to take with you. You will save money AND eat a much healthier lunch than spending your time running through a fast food drive-through.
    6. Stay on track with your gym schedule by packing your bag the night before. Just grab and go.
    7. Not sure why you’re not losing weight?  Keep a food journal.  My favorite to use is My Fitness Pal on my phone. AND it’s free.
    8. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and meditate or pray. Will help you focus and relax.
    9. Add a vegetable dish to tonight’s dinner and eat it first! Eating your veggies first not only ensures you will eat them but will help you to not over indulge.
    10. Sign off a few minutes earlier tonight and hit the bed. Unplugging from electronics will help you fall asleep easier AND stay asleep.


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