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[Printable] Minimalist Living Mantras

I find that when I have something in front of me it’s a constant reminder and helps me focus on my goals. Here’s a quick printable of some of our favorite minimalist living mantras we’ve featured on the blog to help you during your journey.


[Video] Quick Introduction from Denise!

A quick introduction from the mother of the duo behind Minimalism Is Simple: Denise Sanger. In this video I take a moment to introduce myself as well as address a few question, including: What is minimalism to me? What have I been able to achieve


Tour of Aly’s House

After several requests, I have finally gotten around to getting this post up. I currently live in an 1100 sq ft home with garage (although, the garage is pretty much just a place for me to paint. Fortunately I’ve kept it empty). It is a

Minimalism With Kids

Living Minimally With Kids

One of the most common questions we get on our blog and in our Facebook community is how to live minimally when you have children.  Yes, this could be a tough one if you already have kids when you begin your minimalist journey.  If you


The Six Types of Minimalists

Our 7 Stages of Minimalism post was such a big hit, it spurred my inspiration for today’s post. Today’s post is another just for fun one – it’s silly and meant to be taken lightly! Enjoy! The Six Types of Minimalists – which one are you?

Peace Minimalism Is Simple

Because I’m Happy

Everyone has probably heard the song “Happy” this year and it’s probably one of my all time favorite songs.  I heard it the other day as I was heading to the gym and it hit me – I’m happy.  What a wonderful feeling that was


The One Week Mini Challenge

I LOVE challenging myself – can you tell? I like to offer LOTS of challenges, for varying levels in your journey. For this reason, I’m introducing a mini challenge today. This one is recommended for those who are further in their journey or who are ready for a

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Try On A Minimalist Wardrobe

I’ve never been a clothing hoarder, fortunately, but I have seen my wardrobe grow steadily over the years and realized it was time to downsize again. I did have a minor shoe addiction at one point, but I’ve since “kicked” the habit. If you’re considering a