Peace Minimalism Is Simple

Because I’m Happy

Everyone has probably heard the song “Happy” this year and it’s probably one of my all time favorite songs.  I heard it the other day as I was heading to the gym and it hit me – I’m happy.  What a wonderful feeling that was


The One Week Mini Challenge

I LOVE challenging myself – can you tell? I like to offer LOTS of challenges, for varying levels in your journey. For this reason, I’m introducing a mini challenge today. This one is recommended for those who are further in their journey or who are ready for a

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Try On A Minimalist Wardrobe

I’ve never been a clothing hoarder, fortunately, but I have seen my wardrobe grow steadily over the years and realized it was time to downsize again. I did have a minor shoe addiction at one point, but I’ve since “kicked” the habit. If you’re considering a


There’s a TV Show for that…Tiny House TV Show

It seems there is a TV show for just about every interest. Food, wilderness, interior design, fishing, hunting, etc. Now there’s a new show out there focusing on a big movement happening in a tiny way. Interested in tiny house living? Then you’re going to


We’re Building A Tiny House!

We’re taking the plunge! We’re building a tiny house! Currently, we’re looking into acquiring a 25’ – 27’ flatbed trailer (if you have one, let us know!) and materials. I’ll be documenting the whole process right here on MiS. If you’re interested in building your


Don’t think of cost, think of value

Don’t think of cost, think of value. This quote can go two ways, both of which are important for your minimalist journey. The first way is to think of items you keep in terms of their value, and not of how much they cost you.